Innovative refrigerated and frozen transport

Is refrigerated and frozen transport your business? Then VéDéCar is your partner. We build insulated bodies that meet the strictest European requirements – today and in the future! You’ll find innovative solutions at VéDéCar: robust refrigerated and freezer bodies with the highest insulation value, long-term operational reliability, low weight and a built-to-last finishing. For decades, VéDéCar has been setting new standards in coming up with creative solutions. Before being entered into the machines, every new design is checked against our database via adapted software to avoid errors.

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Highest certificates for temperature-controlled transport

The reliability and certification of your temperature-controlled bodywork is our utmost concern. That is why we only work with high-quality insulation materials, combined with a construction that is unique in the industry. The result? Your VéDéCar refrigerated bodies achieve the highest insulation values. This enables our customers to obtain an ATP/FRC certificate without any problems, and this can remain valid for up to twelve years.

We therefore regularly call on external inspection bodies to provide our customers with the necessary guarantees. Here are our certifications:

  • ATP
  • COP
  • TUV Nord
  • Piek
  • phaRmaK Beratung

In addition to these customer-oriented certifications, we have our production facilities regularly inspected to be fully compliant with the strict Belgian legislation.

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High-quality materials

Exclusive high-quality materials, solid and lightweight construction

The solid construction of the VéDéCar cabinets is exceptional in our sector. We choose the best materials, finish every cabinet down to the smallest detail and never compromise on quality. We have our own construction method that relies on a heated hydraulic press of 1,000 tonnes to make the panels in a single piece. We use specific materials and insulate each cabinet with high-quality polyurethane foam. You get a body with the highest insulation value, that’s robust, but also light… which saves you hassles, energy and fuel.

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We are aware of the impact of the industry on the environment and the lives of our future generations. We are therefore continuously looking at more environmentally-friendly production methods and investment products, without sacrificing the quality of our end product. We also systematically think about ways to reduce our ecological footprint.

  • For example, since 2011 we have had a PV installation with 1,300 panels, where the electricity that is not used locally (for example during the weekend) is uploaded to the grid, so that families can enjoy our green energy. The system allows us, on a sunny day, to supply the entire electricity needs of the local plant by solar energy. On less sunny days, this is not fully possible, but all electricity is still purchased from a 100% green supplier.
  • We also work closely with our suppliers to minimise waste and costs associated with the purchase of certain products.
  • More than 3 out of 4 employees live within a radius of 5 km from their workplace.
  • By using the latest technology in polyester machines, we can control the purity even more precisely, resulting in a smoother panel with less waste. Waste materials are processed through a biofilter.
  • With a view to PIEK, the standard established to ensure quiet for city dwellers, VéDéCar uses specially designed sets of low-noise construction materials, sound-absorbing cladding, silent tailgate lifts, special floors and whisper-quiet cooling units.

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Our history

VéDéCar owes its current reputation as a market leader to a successful history that goes back more than 80 years. The company was founded by the same family that still fully owns the group today. Originally, VéDéCar built wagons for the surrounding farms, which were then still drawn by horses.

The company has since experienced a remarkable evolution and stable growth. The superstructure and bodywork became increasingly complex and versatile. Cars were built for passenger transport, livestock transport, wagons with tarpaulin construction, open wagons, beverage supply wagons, special wagons, etc.

Over the past 35 years, VéDéCar has successfully specialised in the manufacture of refrigerated and freezer bodies, made entirely of plastic.

New investments, such as a 1,000-tonne heated hydraulic press for the production of roofs and walls, reflect the philosophy of our company.

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